Africa recorded a total of 58 terrorist attacks resulting in a total of 297 deaths


The reported period, 1st to 15th April experienced a slight decline in the number of attacks from terrorist and violent extremist groups across the length and breadth of Africa. The areas most affected by terrorism and violent extremism for the period include the Sahel Region, Lake Chad Basin Area, the East and Horn of Africa, the North Africa as well as the Central Africa Region.

The situation in Southern Africa remained relatively stable for the period. Although collaborative efforts are delivering some effective preventative and countermeasure responses, terrorist and violent extremist organizations continue to hold considerable initiative. This is manifest in their capacity to continue to launch attacks and cause debilitating harm and destruction to security personnel, civilians and properties. Inter-communal violence, activities of armed bandits and militia groups also continued to destabilize safety, peace and security in a number of regions.

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