Statement of Amb. Smail Chergui, African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security, to launch the Africa Amnesty Month 2020


Fellow Citizens of this great continent of Africa, did you know that in 2017, our Heads of State and Government decided that, the month of September is the Africa Amnesty Month, for all civilians who own illegal weapons to hand them over to their national authorities, without fear of disclosure of their identity, arrest, or prosecution?

This month of September is your opportunity to surrender any weapon in your possession, to your Government. I would also like to say that this year we are marking the end of implementing the Africa Amnesty Month. Let us use this golden opportunity now.

This process contributes to ending conflicts in our continent and build durable peace to enable sustainable development.

We all have a role to play as peace-loving citizens.

Hand in your weapon, or tell others to hand in their weapons.

Join the movement, help spread the word in your community.

Act now for a more peaceful and prosperous Africa.

I thank you all.