Planning Meeting of six ECOSOCC Sectorial Clusters


From 16-18 April 2018, upon instruction of the Director, Moise LECKIBY, Documentalist/Librarian, represented ACSRT at the Joint Planning Meeting of six ECOSOCC Sectorial Clusters, held in Cairo-Egypt.

70 participants coming from some AUC Departments and various African Civil Societies attended that meeting.

The main objectives of the meeting were to review the ECOSOCC previous Work Plan adopted in 2015 and explore the place of ECOSOCC Plan activities in the implementation of the Agenda 2063.

That meeting was particular in the sense that it managed to gather for the first time 6 of 10 ECOSOCC Sectorial Clustors
The thematic discussions were conducted in the clusters and Moise LECKIBY, ACSRT Delegate, was part of the Peace and Security Cluster chaired by Mr NGALIM Eugine Nyuydine

In the Peace and Security Cluster, work has been mainly focused on 3 key documents: Agenda 2063 at its 4th aspiration “Peaceful and Secure Africa”, Action Plan on Silencing the guns in Africa 2017-2020, Peace and Security Cluster Work plan of 2018.

The Cluster recognized the key role that CAERT as AUC structure is playing in the achievement of its objectives.

In doing so, in the 2018 Work Plan, in partnership with ACSRT, the Cluster is to organize in May 2018 in Yaoundé-Cameroun, a round table on “countering violent extremism, terrorism and the illicit proliferation of SALW in Africa”.

For the success of that activity, the ACSRT contribution is highly anticipated
Some important recommendations have been made and read during the plenary that occurred just before the closing ceremony:
1) Design and establish clear mechanisms for ECOSOCC to submit advice to the Security Council
2) Explore new and creative ways of raising and mobilizing resources for ECOSOCC – Business For Peace initiative
3) AU should use a percentage of the tax to support ECOSOCC
4) Establish some Focal Points at the Peace and Security Dept to facilitate the sharing of information and enhance synergy

ACSRT Delegate also took advantage of his participation to that meeting by distributing 75 copies of Journal for the promotion of the Centre.