Map 16-30 Sep 2019-s

General Situation.
The reporting period, 16th to 30th September 2019 recorded the same number of attacks compared to the period 1st to 15th September, 2019. However, casualties inflicted by terrorist and violent extremist groups across Africa sharply increased.

Terrorist Attacks.
A total of 78 terrorist attacks were recorded across Africa, equalling the same number of attacks during the preceding period.

Countries Most Affected.
The five countries most affected by terrorism during the period were Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Burkina Faso and DRC (In decreasing order of deaths recorded).

Target of Terrorist Attacks.
While 36 out of the 78 terrorist attacks were launched against Military/Security Forces, 34 were targeted at civilians. Eight attacks targeted Government Institutions/Officials. The attacks by Al Shabaab, ISWAP, ISGS, Ansarul Islam and other IS affiliates were mainly against Security Forces whilst ISCAP/ADF mostly targeted civilians. Boko Haram (SF) targeted civilians and Security Forces at the same rate. Majority of attacks conducted by unidentified/unaffiliated groups targeted civilians.

Weapons Used.
The terrorist groups used Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in 52 out of the 78 attacks. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were used in 14 of the attacks and both IEDs and SALW were used in three attacks. There were nine cases of kidnapping.

Terrorism Deaths/Casualties.
383 deaths were recorded during the period. The actual casualty figures were 155 Military/Security personnel, 145 civilians and 83 terrorists.

Casualties Inflicted by Terrorist Groups.
ISWAP killed 72 persons (21 civilians,51 Security); Al Shabaab killed 45 persons (10 civilians, 35 security); Ansarul Islam killed 27 persons (2 civilians, 25 security); ISCAP/ADF killed 18 civilians; Other IS affiliates in Sinai killed 10 persons (1 civilian; 9 security forces); Boko Haram (Shekau Faction) killed 9 persons (all civilians); ISGS killed 5 security forces; and unknown/other groups killed 116 persons (86 civilians, 30 Security).

Casualties Sustained by Terrorist Groups.
Al Shabaab suffered the highest casualties during the period. Security forces killed 107 al Shabaab militants. IS affiliates in Libya and Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) followed with 92 militants killed. ISGS lost 24 militants, ISWAP lost 19 militants, Ansarul Islam lost 15 militants, Boko Haram (SF) lost eight militants, ADF/ISCAP lost three militants, and 39 militants from unknown /other groups were also killed.

Nine cases of kidnapping were recorded and a total of 64 persons were taken hostage in DRC, Mali, Nigeria and Somalia. One out of the 64 persons kidnapped was killed, 12 persons were released and 51 others remained in hostage.

Focus on Epicentres.
Out of the total of 78 terrorist attacks, the Sahel region accounted for 34 and 130 deaths, Lake Chad Basin recorded 14 with 82, and the Horn of Africa recorded 9 attacks with 77 during the period.

High Profile Incidents.
On 22 September, Lower Shabelle, Somalia, al Shabaab militants attacked SNA Forward Operating Base (FOP) killing 35 soldiers, injuring 18 and kidnapping one soldier. 13 militants were also neutralized. Six Army vehicles, weapons and ammunition were also captured.
On 30 September, Boulkessi, Mopti, Mali, Ansarul Islam militants attacked a military camp, killing 25 FAMa personnel and injuring four others. 60 other soldiers were missing, and at least 15 terrorists were also killed. 22 military vehicles and nearly half of the automatic weapon and a large cache of ammunition were burnt.

Counter-Terrorism Response.
Deliberate CT operations resulted in neutralizing of 224 militants of terrorist groups. Two civilians were also killed.

The number of terrorist attacks remained the same whilst the number of deaths rose by 34.7%. During the period, the security/military establishments were the most targeted by terrorists resulting in 42% total deaths for security/military. ISWAP and ISGS stepped up their attacks mostly against the security/military targets. CT operations remain active in all terrorism-affected countries. US AFRICOM launched its first airstrike in Libya in 2019. While kinetic military CT operations are necessary, the fight against terrorism and violent extremism require a holistic whole of society response approach, which should involve a wide range of actors at the national, regional and international levels.

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