General Situation. The reporting period, 1st to 31st July 2020 recorded a higher number of terrorist attacks compared to the period 1st to 30 June 2020.

At the end of July 2020 there were 288 terrorist attacks compared to 209 for the period of 1st to 30th June 2020, representing a 38% increase. With respect to casualties, there was also an increase in the number of deaths from terrorist attacks. While there were 926 deaths recorded in June 2020, 1035 deaths were recorded in July 2020, representing 12% increase.
Countries Most Affected. The five countries most affected by terrorist attacks during the period were: DRC, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali and Burkina Faso. (In decreasing order).

Target of Terrorist and VE Attacks. While 168 out of the 288 terrorist attacks were launched against Civilians, 92 targeted Military/Security Forces. 13 attacks targeted International Organisations and 15 attacks targeted Governmental Institutions/Officials. The attacks by Mai-Mai groups and ADF were mainly against Civilians, whilst Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram mostly targeted Military/Security Forces.

Weapons Used. The terrorist groups used Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALWs) in 212 out of the 288 attacks. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were used in 35 of the attacks.

Deaths from Terrorists and VE Attacks. 1035 deaths were recorded during the period: 500 civilians, 283 Military/Security personnel and 252 terrorists.

Casualties Inflicted by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups.
Mai-Mai groups killed 251 persons (214 civilians and 37 Military/Security Forces); Unknown groups killed 201 persons (124 civilians, 77 Military/Security Forces); Boko Haram killed 103 persons (36 civilians, 72 Military/Security Forces); ADF killed 92 persons (74 civilians, 18 Military/Security Forces); Al-Shabaab killed 46 persons (seven civilians, 39 Military/Security Forces); ISWAP killed 44 persons (18 civilians and 26 Military/Security Forces); Other VE groups killed 41 persons (23 civilians and 18 Military/Security Forces); ASWJ killed eight persons (all civilians); JNIM killed two persons (one civilian and one Military/Security Force). LRA killed two persons (all civilians); and Other IS Affiliates killed two Military/Security Force during CT operation;

Casualties Sustained by Terrorist Groups. Boko Haram; Mai-Mai groups and Al-Shabaab suffered highest number of casualties during the period.
Military/Security forces killed 75 Violent Extremists of Mai-Mai groups, 47 members of Boko Haram and 27 of Shabaab fighters. IS Affiliates and ISWAP suffered 18 and 17 casualties respectively. 143 members from unknown Violent Extremist groups and 137 members of Other VE groups were also killed during the period.

Kidnapping. 41 cases of kidnappings were recorded.
A total of 421 persons were taken hostage in DRC, Cameroon, Nigeria, CAR, Mali, Niger, Chad Mozambique and Burkina Faso while 51 captives were released during the same period.

Focus on Epicentres. Out of the 288 terrorist attacks, the Great Lakes region recorded 146 attacks with 583 deaths, the Sahel region accounted for 42 attacks and 122 deaths, the Horn of Africa recorded 36 attacks with 79 deaths and Lake Chad Basin accounted 25 attacks with 191 deaths during the period.

High Profile Attacks.
08 July, Ituri Province, DRC. 37 people were killed in an attack by Mai-Mai -CODECO militiamen. 09 July, Ituri Province, DRC. An attack by Mai-Mai-CODECO militiamen killed 35 civilians and two FARDC soldiers. The militiamen took four weapons, three AK-47s and a PKM. 16 July, South Kivu Province, DRC. An incursion by militiamen from the TWIRIGWANEHO, NGOMINO and RED-TABARA coalition led to the killing of 36 people including 25 civilians and 11 militiamen. Several houses were burnt down and more than 250 cows carried away. 21 July, North Kivu Province, DRC. A clash between the militiamen of the NDC/R of GUIDON and those of the NDC/R BWIRA Mai Mai groups as well as the FARDC resulted in the deaths of 32 people including 17 GUIDON rebels, 10 BWIRA rebels and five FARDC soldiers. Nine FARDC soldiers got injured. 18 July, Katsina State, Nigeria. Unknown elements ambushed the Nigerian Army and killed 16 soldiers and injured 28 others. A counter-attack led to the killing of 17 bandits and injury to two others. The soldiers recovered five AK 47 Rifles, three Dane guns, two AK 47 Rifle magazines, 152 rounds of 7.62mm Special ammunition and seven motorcycles. 07 July, Borno State, Nigeria. The Nigerian Military on an anti-terror operation hit an IED planted by ISWAP that killed 11 soldiers. A counter-attack killed 17 ISWAP terrorists. Two additional soldiers lost their lives in the attack.
10 July, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Militia attacks in communities in the State led to the deaths of 30 people.
Counter-Terrorism Response. CT operations resulted in neutralizing 227 terrorists. Seven Military/Security Forces died during those operations.

The month of July 2020 recorded the highest number of terrorist attacks and death since the beginning of the year. The mushrooming of several small-scale Mai-Mai
groups in the DRC greatly contributes to the devastating security situation in the country as well as ushering an influx of internally displaced persons. In Nigeria, the emerging violence engulfing new areas in Nigeria, particularly the recent series of deadly attacks in North West and North Central States perpetrated by unknown armed bandits, are creating a fertile ground for terrorism and violent extremism to gain foothold in these regions. While there is a need to meet the growing threat of terrorism and violent extremism through counter-terrorism operations, a multi-stakeholder involvement approach is also needed to effectively counter terrorism.

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