Belgian and Greek Ambassadors visit CAERT


On 15 and 16 April 2014 Ambassador Francisco Madeira, Special Representative for Counter-Terrorism Cooperation and Director of the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism and members of the ACSRT staff, held separate meetings with H.E. Frédéric Meurice, Belgian Ambassador to Algeria and H.E. Ambassador Ifigeneria Kontolenotos, Ambassador of Greece to Algeria.

The two dignitaries wanted to be briefed about ACSRT’s role in the overall fight against terrorism on the African continent and the way the countries can contribute to that fight.

Ambassador Madeira gave a brief on the African Union Counter Terrorism Strategy. He pointed out that the establishment of the ACSRT has been a major achievement for the AU with regard to the concrete implementation of its counter-terrorism regime. CAERT is a technical body of the African Union Commission. Its mission is to assist African Member States implement international and continental counterterrorism instruments.
He added that since its establishment, the ACSRT has been active on many fronts including the development of capacity building programmes to enhance the CT capabilities of the African Union Member States. These programmes include, among others, intelligence gathering and analysis, radicalization, violent extremism and de-radicalization, strengthening border related counter terrorism capacities, judicial cooperation in criminal matters, terrorism financing and law enforcement and others.

Ambassador Madeira underlined that counter-terrorism is emerging as a key area of cooperation between the ACSRT and the United Nations, the European Union as well as individual EU Member States. He stated that the Centre has established close working relations with the USA, Germany, Spain, European Union, CTED, CTITF, INTERPOL and many other organizations involved in the prevention and fight against terrorism.
The two delegations stated that their visit to the ACSRT was very fruitful and that it had provided them with an opportunity to better understand the functioning modalities of the African Union Counter Terrorism Regime.

They also emphasized the vital importance of building cooperation with the ACSRT in the fight against terrorism.