Libyan Ambassador undertakes a working visit to the ACSRT


On 9 April 2015, the Ambassador of Libya to Algeria, His Excellency Mohamed Mazen, accompanied by Mr. Tawfik Buhajr, undertook a working visit to the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT).

They were warmly welcomed by the Special Representative of the AUC Chairperson for Counter Terrorism Cooperation and Director of the ACSRT, Ambassador Francisco MADEIRA, and the ACSRT staff.

Ambassador Madeira praised the bravery and determination of the Libyan people to keep the country united despite the ongoing environment of conflict, factionalism and destruction.

The two heads of mission reviewed the evolution of the situation in Libya and the efforts being made at regional, continental and international levels to end the violence afflicting the country .They reaffirmed that military solution can only bring temporary respite and factional victory. What is required is a political approach with ability to deliver genuine reconciliation of the Libyan people and bring lasting peace and stability, a precondition for any meaningful economic and social development of Libya. In this vein the two officials expressed appreciation of the outcome of the meeting of the Libyan political parties of 10 and 11 March 2015 and the important role played by Algeria to achieve such a positive result.

They highlighted the important role neighbouring countries and the international Community can play in fostering a greater rapprochement of the Libyan people and urged them to use their intimate knowledge of the Libyan situation to help find a lasting and comprehensive solution to the current crisis. Ambassador Madeira assured H.E Ambassador Mazen that the AU will be always with the Libyan people as they continue to seek a political solution to the crisis through an inclusive dialogue that is based on, and inspired by, genuine and legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people.

Ambassador Madeira and ambassador Mazen also analysed the current terrorist situation in North Africa, the presence of ISIL, the allegiance of some terrorist groups to it and the continued flow of North Africans to Iraq and Syria and back.
They said that such developments represent a serious threat to the already volatile situation in the region and called for a much tighter cooperation, coordination and timely exchange of information among member states.

Ambassador Mazen expressed high appreciation of the work of the ACSRT to enhance scientific, technical and operational counter terrorism capacity of the AU member states.