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On 12 March 2015, the first Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya to be accredited to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, His Excellency Moi LEMOSHIRA, paid a courtesy call to the African Centre for the Study and Research onTerrorism (ACSRT).

His Excellency Ambassador LEMOSHIRA received a warm welcome from the Special Representative of the AUC Chairperson for Counter Terrorism cooperation and Director of the ACSRT, Ambassador Francisco Caetano MADEIRA, and the ACSRT staff. <!–more–>

Ambassador Madeira hailed the valiant people of Kenya and their government for the crucial contribution the Kenyan Armed forces are making, as part of the African Union Mission to Somalia, to bring peace and stability to that beleaguered country, and rid the entire Eastern African Region of destabilization and insecurity. He expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Lemoshira for giving the ACSRT a pride of place in the many courtesy visits he will be paying to the huge number of diplomatic missions accredited to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

Ambassador MADEIRA assured His Excellency Ambassador LEMOSHIRA, of the readiness and continued support of the ACSRT, through proactive counter terrorism diplomacy, information sharing, studies, analysis and training, to shore up the tremendous efforts of Kenyan counter terrorism practitioners in fighting and ultimately defeating Al Shabaab.

Ambassador MADEIRA added that the Djibouti Process, launched by the AU on 27 February 2015 in Djibouti, will bring together, at regular intervals, the heads of intelligence and security services of Eastern Africa to discuss ways and means of improving inter agency cooperation and strengthening their coordination and information sharing mechanisms. This, he said, was another eloquent testimony of our continental organization’s resolve to ensure that APSA and all relevant peace mechanisms and resources are mobilized and put in place so that peace and stability, a prerequisite for any meaningful and sustainable development, are restored. This will enable building blocks of the “AFRICA WE WANT” in 2063 to quickly take shape.

For his part, Ambassador LEMOSHIRA said that terrorism has become one of the most serious threats to security, stability and economic progress, not only in the East African region, but in the continent as a whole. Accordingly, he continued, all states in the continent have a key role to play in forming a synchronized front to eliminate the menace of terrorism. He expressed gratitude to the ACSRT for the pivotal role it is playing in enhancing scientific, technical and operational counter terrorism capacity of Kenya and AU member states. Ambassador LEMOSHIRA concluded by saying sustained close collaboration between the government of Kenya and the ACSRT was vital in speeding up the eradication of the scourge of terrorism in Eastern Africa.