Chinese Ambassador Pays a Working Visit to the ACSRT

chinese Ambassador

On 1st April, H.E. LIU Yuhe, Ambassador of China to Algeria, paid a working visit to the ACSRT to learn more about the African Union Counter terrorism strategy and the role of the ACSRT in the implementation of this important African counter terrorism instrument.

Ambassador LIU Yuhe indicated that the international and regional counter-terrorism situation is undergoing profound and complex changes. These changes pose new threats and challenges to both China and Africa. They require the two sides to further strengthen counter terrorism cooperation and coordination in order to safeguard their common security interests.

Ambassador Madeira, Special Representative of the AU Chairperson for Counter Terrorism Cooperation and Director of the ACSRT, seized the opportunity to express his gratitude and appreciation to the Chinese government’s consistent support and commitment to the ACSRT activities. He made mention of China’s CT scholarship program agreed with the ACSRT. Through this program, every year since 2010, African countries have been benefiting from scholarships which allowed them to send to the People’s Republic of China 25 officials in average, for a three week training course in different areas of counter terrorism. These trainings, totally funded by the Chinese Government, have proven to be of extreme usefulness to the Continent. They have provided African counter terrorism practitioners with solid technical and operational skills allowing them to be more effective in the theatre of operations.

Ambassador Madeira briefly explained to the Ambassador of China the role of the ACSRT at the continental, regional and national levels as being that of ensuring that it continues to build up, update and enrich its Data Base of terrorists, terrorist groups and terrorist activities and share this information with AU member states; to carry out studies and research on terrorism; to monitor and assess terrorist trends and developments and advise member states on the action to take to protect themselves against the scourge of terrorism; to work towards encouraging member states to coordinate their CT activities and ensure that information on terrorism in possession of the ACSRT or of a member state is shared with other AU member states and AUC Departments; to undertake training through workshops, seminars and symposia, with the view to enhancing the scientific, technical and operational CT capacity of member states; to advocate, galvanize, revamp and promote counter terrorism cooperation among AU member states and between them and the International Community at large; to mobilize complementary inter African and international support and resources to ensure that AU member states are adequately equipped to fight terrorism.

The two leaders exchanged views on the current terrorism situation on the continent and the ever-changing nature of terrorist threat as well as the capacity of terrorists to adapt and identify other treacherous methods to carry on with their lethal activities. They paid great attention to the fact that terrorists are exploiting the new information and communications technology inventions to recruit, radicalize, finance their activities and incite youths to commit acts of terrorism. They agreed that effective counter-terrorism strategy requires sound policies, concerted effort and multifaceted co-operation.

Ambassador LIU Yuhe underscored the importance of the efforts to monitor and stem terrorism in Africa to avoid it spreading all over the World and expressed readiness of his government to assist the ACSRT to achieve its goals.

The Chinese Ambassador presented his Government’s written invitation for Ambassador Madeira to visit China at the earliest opportunity in the course of 2014 as part of China’s effort to further strengthen the good relations that exist between China and the ACSRT.