German delegation visit

On 23 February 2014, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, AU Special Counter-Terrorism Cooperation Representative and Director of the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism and ACSRT staff members, received a German Delegation led by Mr. Waldemar KINDLER, Retired Director, Advisor to Ministry of the Interior for North Africa, former president of the County Police in Bavaria. The other members of the delegation were Mr. Steffen RUSS, Senior Police Superintendent, Head of IK2 Division, BKA and Mr. Mirko HEINKE, Federal Police Technical Director in Ministry of the Interior and Mr. Frank Hoppenheit, BKA-VB Algiers .

The ultimate objective of the visit was to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the ACSRT and German Federal Police (BKA).

Ambassador Madeira extended a warm welcome to the German Delegation , and said that the visit bore testimony to the growing bilateral cooperation between the ACSRT and the German Federal Police (BKA). He greatly appreciated BKA’s assistance especially regarding CT capacity building in the Sahelo – Saharan region. He expressed wish to see continued enhancement and consolidation of the present fruitful cooperation.

The two parties exchanged views on the current terrorism situation in North Africa and Sahel regions and discussed areas in which joint CT training and knowledge dissemination can take place on the continent, with particular focus on the Sahel Region

The German delegation highly lauded ACSRT’ s work and reiterated the readiness of the German government to assist ACSRT in accomplishing its goals.

At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Madeira and his guests expressed confidence in the successful continuation of their multi-dimensional bi-lateral cooperation.