The ACSRT Received a Norwegian Delegation

Norwegian delegation

On 11 March 2013, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, Special Representative for Counter-Terrorism Cooperation and Director of the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism and the ACSRT staff members received Ambassador Kai Eide, Special Envoy for the Sahel Region, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, and Ambassador ARILD O YEN, the Nerwegian ambassador to Algeria.

The purpose of the visit of the Norwegian delegation was to obtain a deeper understanding of ACSRT mandate and explore areas of future collaboration with this African Union Counter Terrorism Institution.

Ambassador Madeira briefly explained the activities of the ACSRT to the delegation and the manner in which it serves the Member states of the African Union in countering terrorism.

The two sides discussed the ever-changing nature of terrorism, as attested by the ever increasing proliferation of regional terrorist organizations, the multiplication of kidnapping and hostage taking for ransom as well as the use of the Internet and other new technologies to incite terrorism. This requires enhanced capacity building activities and appropriate counter-terrorism equipment. They also exchanged views on the situation in North Africa, particularly, in Mali and the challenges the Malian people, the Malian Government and the African Union are facing in order to restore security, democracy and promote reconciliation among the Malian people.

During the discussions, both sides insisted on their willingness to identify areas of collaboration with a view to developing a concrete co-operation program between the Norwegian Government and the ACSRT.