General Situation.

The reporting period, 16th to 30th June 2019 recorded a slight increase in the general number of attacks by terrorist and violent extremist groups in Africa compared to 1st to 15th June. Also, the number of deaths resulting from terrorist attacks increased drastically.
Areas Most Affected.

The five countries most affected by terrorism during the period are Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Burkina Faso and DRC (In decreasing order of deaths recorded).

Terrorist Attacks.
A total of 75 terrorist attacks were recorded across Africa during the period.

Target of Terrorist Attacks.
While 34 out of the 75 terrorist attacks were launched against civilians, 34 were targeted at Security forces. Six attacks targeted International Organizations (AMISOM) and one targeted Government Institutions/Officials. The attacks by al-Shabaab, ISWAP, ISGS, Other IS affiliates in and Egypt were mainly against security forces whilst Boko Haram (SF), ISCAP, and JNIM mainly targeted civilians.

Weapons Used.
The terrorist groups used Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in 53 out of the 75 attacks. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were used in 16 of the attacks. Other two attacks involved the use of both IEDs and SALW.

Terrorism Deaths/Casualties.
A total number of 476 deaths resulting from the 75 terrorist attacks were recorded during the period. The actual casualty figures for the period were 264 civilians, 116 Military/Security personnel and 96 terrorists.

Casualties Inflicted by Terrorist Groups.
Al-Shabaab killed 50 persons (17 civilians, 33 security); Boko Haram (SF) killed 126 persons (87 civilians, 29 Security); ISWAP killed 24 Security/military forces; ISCAP killed 11 civilians; other IS affiliates killed 13 persons (4 civilians, 9 Security), armed separatists killed four (4) Military personnel, ISGS killed 2 Military personnel and Unknown/Other groups killed 188 persons (162 civilians, 26 Security).

Casualties Sustained by Terrorist Groups.
Al-Shabaab suffered the highest casualties. Security forces killed 62 Al Shabaab fighters during the period. ISWAP lost 48 fighters, ISGS lost 38 fighters, Boko Haram (SF) lost 35 fighters and other IS affiliated groups lost 6 fighters. 197 militants from Unknown /Other groups were also killed.

11 persons were taken hostage in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali and Niger. Six out of the 11 were released unhurt and five others remained in hostage. One of the people taken hostage was released after a payment of 1,050,000 Nairas as ransom. Other 196 people kidnapped earlier in Nigeria were rescued during CT operations.

Focus on Epicentres.
Out of the total of 75 terrorist attacks, Sahel region accounted for 31, Horn of Africa recorded 19, and Lake Chad Basin recorded 12. The Sahel region recorded 172 deaths from terrorist attacks, the Lake Chad Basin recorded 138 and the Horn of Africa recorded 71 within the period under review.

High Profile Incidents.
On 16 June, in Mandarari, Borno, Nigeria, Boko Haram suicide bombers detonated IEDs strapped to their bodies killing 33 persons and injured 48 others.
On 18 June, in Koro, Mopti, Mali, armed jihadists attacked two dogon villages and killed a total of 41 people, on accusation of collaborating with FAMa.

Counter-Terrorism Response.
Deliberate CT operations resulted in the neutralization of 290 militants of terrorist groups.

The terrorism threat during the period continued to be dominated by local terrorist groups with affiliation to either al-Qaeda or Islamic State. The wave of renewal of the oath of allegiance (Bay’at) by various IS affiliated groups on the continent to the IS “Caliph” Abu Bakr al Baghdadi could usher in increased momentum in the activities of these groups. The Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique has become one of the arenas of fast-emerging terrorist activity and is the focus of this edition of the Bulletin. There appears to be operational alliances between the local terrorist group al-Sunnah wal-Jamaah, and some IS affiliated groups particularly the ISCAP and ISISSKTU. The linkage of the group with ISCAP could be worrying for the reason that an operational alliance that is mutually supporting could lead to further escalation and entrenchment. It is considered that immediate international assistance would be vital if we are to prevent the Cabo Delgado situation from deteriorating to one similar to that brought about by Boko Haram or al Shabaab.

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