African Countries Strive to Enhance the Development and Enforcement of Legislations on Illicit Financial Flows


The African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT/CAERT), under the auspices of African Union (AU), in collaboration with GIABA, is organizing a two day-Workshop on Developing and Enforcing National Legislation and Practices on Illicit Financial Flows in Dakar, Senegal from 10th to 11th December 2018.

The objective of the workshop is to enable Member States of the African Union to appreciate the importance of developing or reviewing their national laws to deal with the threat posed by the illicit flow of funds, particularly in the fight to starve terrorist organizations of financial resources.
The Programme will also provide a platform for sharing experiences and good practices on enforcing and harmonizing of legislations in member countries. The workshop will facilitate the criminalization of the illicit flow of funds in and out of member countries.

Approximately, there will be 30 participants drawn from government institutions, particularly, legislators, parliamentary staff, lawyers, law enforcement agencies and civil society organizations.

Successive researches conducted have revealed that the method of choice through which terrorist organizations are able to stay ahead of governments, and have continued to finance their operations is the illicit movement of funds acquired either legally or illegally. The terror groups have developed multifaceted relationships with transnational organized criminal organisations that are growing in strength in the different regions of the African continent. The research also shows that terrorism in Africa is financed through a plethora of illegal activities, such as smuggling of drugs and weapons, transportation of goods and cash by human couriers, human trafficking, kidnapping for ransom, maritime piracy as well as counterfeiting.

Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) pose major challenges to developing countries, in addition to helping in the financing of terrorism and deprives affected countries of needed resources for private and public investment, which in turn hamper economic development.
The workshop will cover thematic areas on illicit financial flows, legal regimes and enforcement, as well as the sharing of experiences among stakeholders. The exchanges will cover formulating and enforcing laws with respect to illicit financial flows to terrorist groups and other criminal organizations. There will also be an interactive panel discussion session, which will focus on practical measures and best practices in enforcing illicit flow of funds legal regimes.
The Director General of GIABA, Justice Kimelabalou ABA and a Deputy Director from ACSRT will address the Opening Session of the event.