A high-level Libyan delegation pays a working visit to the ACSRT

On 11 October 2017, A high-level Libyan delegation led by General Abdelkader El Tohamy, head of Libyan intelligence, paid a working visit to the ACSRT.

The delegation received a warm welcome from Mr. Idriss M. LALLALI, ACSRT Deputy-Director and was briefed about Centre’s mandate, activities and current priority programme.

General El Tohamy and Mr. LALLALI discussed a wide range of issues related to terrorism and violent extremism. The discussion also touched on the links of these scourges with transitional of organized crime, human and drugs trafficking, smuggling of migrants and money laundering. They stressed the need for continued concerted efforts to eradicate this scourges from the African continent.

Mr. LALLALI indicated that strengthening the CT capacity of the AU Member States is paramount in the African Union’s counter terrorism approach. The establishment of a strong partnership and cooperation between the governments and the Civil Societies to counter radicalization and violent extremism, also to promote the peaceful co-existence and to deny religious persecution are some of the main ACSRT CT priority activities.

General Al Tohamy stressed that the co-operation between the ACSRT and the Libyan Government in the area of CT capacity building has had a positive impact and needed to be continued and further strengthened.