AU Embarks on Performance Management Training

AU admin

17-18 May 2017: The Administration and Human Resources Management (AHRM) Directorate of the African Union Commission in collaboration with the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT) organized a two-day training session on Talent and Performance Management at ACSRT Offices in Algiers, Algeria. The training in the ACSRT is part of an overall training package for all offices of the AU.

Participants were drawn from the AU Cairo Office, AU Libya Office, African Energy Commission, and ACSRT. The training team was led by Madam Fatma Yusuf, the head of the Talent Management Unit at the AHRM Directorate of the African Union Commission.

The lessons of the training were grounded in the African Union values of Transparency, Accountability, Impartiality, Efficiency, and Professionalism. The training also brought to the fore Recognizing, Fostering and Harnessing talent as the essence of the talent management philosophy of the African Union Commission. The training included practical exercises which involved both management and staff.