International Anti-Radicalization Conference for Islamic Scholars


The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) organized a conference on anti-radicalization for Islamic Scholars in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania radicalization from 29 to 31st March 2017. The African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism, represented by Mrs. Nashwa Kamel.
The conference brought together practitioners, religious leaders and civil society organizations from eight countries (Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Djibouti, Alger) working on topics related to counter radicalization and counter-terrorism. A total of fifty (50) officials, religious leaders; researchers and practitioners, and key stakeholders from national, regional and international institutions participated in the conference.

the conference covered the following areas:
a. AU’s and IGAD regulatory framework, policy, and approach on counter-extremism and de radicalization;
b. Somalia regulatory framework, policy, and approach on counter-extremism;
c. Skills and capacities of the Somali religious scholars and practitioners in integrating a gender perspective in their counter extremism strategies;
d. Women Role in Peace and Security agenda;
e. Experiences, lessons learnt, and best practices on women role in counter-radicalization;
f. Experiences, lessons learnt, and best practices from anti-radicalization practitioners on addressing gender gaps in the policies and operations of security institutions;
g. National public information and communication strategies in promoting the role of women in preventing and countering violent extremism.

The conference increased sensitization and commitment of Somali anti-radicalization actors and religious leaders that is expected to translate into inclusive efforts in integrating gender perspective into counter-radicalization strategies. The programme concluded the following:
• Enhanced visibility of women role in de radicalization attained during the conference;
• Documented best practices and practical contributions of women in de radicalization in their communities;
• Increased knowledge on women efforts to de radicalization processes in Somalia;
• Enhanced leadership commitment and engagement in integrating a gender perspective in de radicalization strategies, resulting in a more inclusive response to counter-radicalization;
• Increased cooperation between AMISOM leadership and national authorities on integrating a gender perspective in counter-extremism, thereby resulting in a more informed and mainstreamed policy decisions on peace and security.