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General Situation: The reporting period, 1st to 15th May 2019 recorded an escalation in the number of attacks by terrorist and violent extremist groups in all regions of Africa compared to 16th to 30th April. Whilst deaths from CT operations increased drastically, deaths from terrorists’ attacks remained almost at the same level.
Areas Most Affected. The five countries most affected by terrorism during the period are Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, Burkina Faso and Libya (In decreasing order).
Terrorist Attacks: A total of 112 terrorist attacks were recorded across Africa during the period.
Target of Terrorist Attacks: While 53 of 112 terrorist attacks were launched against Security forces, 40 were targeted at civilians. 12 targeted Government Institutions/Officials) and seven (7) targeted International Organizations. The attacks by al-Shabaab, ISWAP, ISGS and ISCAP were mainly against security forces whilst Boko Haram (Shekau faction) continued to attack civilian targets.
Weapons used: The terrorist groups used Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in 75 out of the 112 attacks. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were used in 27 of the attacks. Two (2) attacks involved a combination of IEDs and SALW; and eight (8) others were cases of kidnapping.
Terrorism-related deaths/Casualties: 361 terrorism-related deaths were recorded during the period. Of the number, 265 resulted from terrorist attacks while 96 were from CT operations. The actual casualty figures for the period are 149 terrorist combatants killed, 111 civilians dead and 101 Military/Security forces killed.

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Africa Records 264 Deaths from 70 Terrorism Incidents in Last Half of April 2019-ACSRT Report


The African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT) in its bi-weekly “Africa Terrorism Bulletin” has recorded 70 terrorist attacks across Africa between the periods of 16th-30th April 2019. The period under review recorded 276 terrorism related deaths out of which, 264 resulted directly from terrorist attacks whereas 12 were deaths recoded during counter-terrorism operations by security forces. The Sahel region recorded 54 out of 70 incidents of terrorist attacks. 77.2% of civilian, 63.8% of military and 85.7% of terrorists’ deaths occurred in the Sahel region.

A Spanish delegation pays a visit to the ACSRT

spanish 3

On Monday, 20 May 2019, AU Special Representative for Counter Terrorism Cooperation/Director of the ACSRT, H.E Larry GBEVLO-LARTEY Esq. received a delegation from the embassy of the Kingdom of Spain to the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria led by Minister Counsellor Tomas Lopez Vilarino, and counsellor Juan Manuel Calleja.

AU Special Representative for Counter-Terrorism Cooperation paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador of China


16 May 2019, Algiers. H.E Larry GBEVLO-LARTEY Esq, AU Special Representative for Counter-Terrorism Cooperation and Director of the ACSRT paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, H.E Li Lianhe. The two dignitaries discussed the issues of cooperation and enhancing the Counter-Terrorism capabilities of AU Member States.